A Sardinian mission to Córdoba

Delegations from Sardinia and Amalfi to the caliph of Córdoba, ʿAbd al-Raḥmān III (r. 929–61) in the year 942, as reported by Ibn Ḥayyān (d. 1075):

“On Tuesday 8th of Dhū l-Ḥijja [330 H/24 August 942 CE], an envoy of the lord (ṣāḥib) of the island of Sardinia (Sardāniya) arrived at the gate of al-Nāṣr l-Dīn Allāh proposing peace (al-ṣulḥ) and friendship (al-ulfa). With him there came traders from the people of Malfaṭ [Amalfi] known as the Malafaṭānīn in al-Andalus with examples of their precious merchandise including ingots of pure silver (sabāʾik al-fiḍḍa al-khāliṣa), brocades…  [the manuscript here becomes illegible and is missing two words] and so on from which great gain is attained and a fine profit.”

Al-Muqtabas (V) de Ibn Ḥayyān (al-juzʾ al-khāmis) ed. P. Chalmeta, F. Corriente and M. Subh (Madrid 1979), p. 485.

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