cover of the book 'The making of medieval Sardinia'

Our most recent book is now on the shelves!

The Making of Medieval Sardinia   We are pleased to announce the publication of The Making of Medieval Sardinia, edited by Alex Metcalfe, Hervin Fernández-Aceves and Marco Muresu (Leiden–Boston: Brill). 520 pages with 3 maps and 66 colour illustrations. Available in hardback and eBook. Further details are available here. This new volume combines classic and revisionist essays Read more about Our most recent book is now on the shelves![…]

Photograph of one of the murals of the church of S. Andrea Priu

The AHRC Project

This is a four-year project to explain the history of Sardinia in its medieval Mediterranean context. We are an international team of historians and archaeologists with transdisciplinary skills who will test key hypotheses about Sardinia’s unique political development as well as its society and the ways that the island has been understood in the past. With our eleven international collaborating partner institutions, we will establish a major new exhibition of medieval Sardinian history at the Museo Nazionale in Cagliari. With short tours to smaller museums too, we expect more than 300,000 visitors during the project itself, at the end of which the exhibition will be hosted on a permanent basis.


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