International conference ‘Monete frazionate. Quadri regionali, questioni cronologiche, aspetti economici’

Our PDRA Dr Marco Muresu attended the International Conference ‘Monete frazionate. Quadri regionali, questioni cronologiche, aspetti economici’. The conference was held in Milan on 16-17 September 2019, and was organised by the Catholic University of Milan and the University of Salerno. Dr Muresu presented a poster entitled ‘Monete frazionate dai contesti funerari della Sardegna bizantina’, which focused on one of the most interesting themes of his doctoral research: the reuse of fractured coins as a component of the funeral equipment in Byzantine Sardinia.

Click here to see Dr Muresu’s poster

The congress had a very positive and fruitful impact on Marco’s research, in that he was able to meet and debate with many expert and influential scholars of Medieval and Byzantine Numismatics – such as Ermanno E. Arslan, Bruno Callegher and Claudia Perassi. He was also congratulated for his recent monograph, La moneta “indicatore” dell’assetto insediativo della Sardegna bizantina (secoli VI-XI). After the congress, before heading back to Cagliari, Marco spent a few days in the Castello Sforzesco, studying the Byzantine coins of the Civic Numismatic Collection of Milan, as he is aiming to find new research comparisons for his exploration of Sardinia’s Byzantine coins. The coins held in Castello Sforzesco are mostly unpublished, kept in very good condition, and their scientific value as witnesses of Byzantine power in the Mediterranean is undeniable.

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