Warmelink – Lying about intentions

The FORGE is pleased to announce our upcoming internal speaker: Dr Lara Warmelink (Psychology). Details of her talk are below:

Lying about intentions

Detecting deception about intended future actions is a relatively new area of research. In this talk, I will describe some of my research on using content and linguistic cues to detect deception about intentions. I will present one study on the amount of information given in true or false statements about travel plans.  Deception research has found that liars tend to give less information, but for deception about intentions the pattern is more complicated. The second study focuses on linguistics cues to deception in short interviews about an intention.  Two types of linguistics software were used and I’ll discuss my experience with them.

1400-1500, Thu 26th Feb, County South C89 (Meeting Room 7)

Lancaster University staff members and students are welcome to attend.