2021 in Science… so far – Olivia Hesketh

At the moment, it seems like our lives are dominated by constant mentions of social distancing and coronavirus case numbers. This is inevitable considering the fact that we are living through a pandemic. But coronavirus aside, 2021 so far has brought many fascinating and promising scientific developments of which we don’t tend to see reported Read more about 2021 in Science… so far – Olivia Hesketh[…]

My Dissertation Experience – Emily Clayton

Supervisor and project title: Professor Roger Pickup: Identification and characterisation of unknown bacteria from mobile phone screens using substrate utilisation analysis Why I chose this topic: I have always had a keen interest in the areas of microbiology and cell biology, so I knew I was going to list these topics as my first options Read more about My Dissertation Experience – Emily Clayton[…]

Parasite Culture and Diagnosis – Leishmania adleri

Leishmania alderi (a lizard parasite that is non-pathogenic to humans) can easily be grown in culture to further research into the neglected tropical disease Leishmaniasis and to investigate the usage of an antigen detection diagnostic test – BIOL322 Tropical Diseases practical. Leishmaniasis is caused by transmission of the protozoan Leishmania parasites via the bite of infected female phlebotomine sandflies. Read more about Parasite Culture and Diagnosis – Leishmania adleri[…]