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Max Schleser and Martin K. Koszolko




The mobile-micro movie Earth was commissioned for the Shoot4Earth ( 2021 film marathon. The 24-hour global filmmaking competition focused on environmental thinking, and participants were informed on the day that they had to include FIRE, WATER, AIR, SOIL in the production. The micro-movie by Mobile Melbourne won the Best Music Award. Mobile music producer Martin K. Koszolko created the soundtrack under the moniker iubar project. Smartphone filmmaker Max Schleser filmed the project on iPhone 11 with FiLMiC Pro and edited the #EcoSmartphoneFilm with Luma Fusion on an iPad (8th generation). The video juxtaposes the city’s night with its artificial energy and the natural calmness of the sunrise. Using Struman optics micro-lenses, the micro-movie concludes with a focus on the minuscule that we (humankind) overlook and seem to have devalued. As there is no plan B, we need to create one. A smartphone might not be the most sustainable technology, but it is the most accessible camera and screen storytelling device. Climate consciousness, as a collective vision, will only be realised if everyone can engage in this conversation. Earth hopes to inspire and ignite recognition of m|mobile lives in turbulent times.

In nature various micro systems form a symbiosis. Scale is not a determining factor as it our contemporary socio-cultural condition. Earth uses a macro lens to visually and thematically emphasis the significance of microstates. Just because we cannot see or perceive it, does not mean it is not significant. By means of recognising micro mobilities and reconnecting to the rhymes of nature, we recognise and change our everyday behaviours. Micro changes can have an enormous impact.

Earth aims to contribute to a better understanding of environmental issues from a micro and personal perspective. The moving-image artwork is an intervention and hopes to resonate with concepts and theories from eco-media and eco-cinema (i.e. Cubit 2005, Ivakhiv 2013, amongst others). Smartphone filmmaking embraces personal positions, intimate relationships and can form new connections. If we can reconnect to nature through creativity, screen storytelling can contribute to the development of environmental literacy. Mobile and smartphone filmmaking and remote mobile music collaboration demonstrates that screen stories, sound and artworks can be produced with little or/no resources.


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