A new researcher has started within Team ReDEAL

German Baldi is a visiting researcher at the Lancaster Environment Centre who started working for ReDEAL in September 2021.

“I am a biologist turned geographer who enjoys finding relationships between the physical, biotic, and cultural worlds. I have worked on different objects of study, such as the agricultural use of a territory, its degradation from different interventions or stressors, and its conservation. My studies usually involve different spatial (from local to global) and temporal levels (current and historical), remote sensing, GIS, and multivariate methods. I am very fond of making comparisons between distant systems without any apparent relationship, finding common factors, as well as virtuous cases (and not so much!) of the human / nature relationship. I come from Argentina, where I am part of the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research, as well as two National Universities. I enjoy walking, swimming and kayaking, but slowly… to see the landscape properly.”  German Baldi