News 2021

Photo of Beth Cortese. Beth is smiling to camera, wearing red glasses and there is a bookcase peeking out in the background.

Beth Cortese.

Beth Cortese, whose PhD The World of Women’s Wit On Stage will be published by Pennsylvania University Press, has accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Restoration and Eighteenth-century Literature at the University of Iceland in Reykjavik. Beth will complete her work as post-doctoral researcher on ‘Unearned Wealth – A Literary History of Inheritance, 1600-2015’ at Aarhus University (Denmark) in September, to move further north.

Professor Alison Findlay (Lancaster University) gave the opening plenary lecture at the 50th Anniversary Conference of the British Society of Gerontology on 7th July 2021. Professor Findlay’s talk was entitled ‘Age, Anxiety and Persecution in the 1612 and 1634 Lancashire Witch Trials’.

Lady Mary Wroth
‘s pastoral tragicomedy
Love’s VictoPhoto of a natural landscape with a formation of plants in a heart shape. On top of this image is an image of the recent publication, Mary Wroth's 'Love's Victory', edited by Alison Findlay, Philip Sidney and Michael G. Brennan. This Revels Plays edition has a yellow band on the left side of the cover, running from top to bottom with the words 'The Revels Plays' repeated on it. The right hand side of the cover is black with white font, displaying the title, author and editors' names. ry (c.1617-21), edited by Alison Findlay, Philip Sidney and Michael G. Brennan, was published in March 2021. It is the first play by a woman to be published as part of the Revels Plays Series (Manchester University Press).

Manchester University Press – Love’s Victory