Videos and presentations

The benefits of listening while reading for dyslexic and non-dyslexic English language learners

Inclusive language teaching in pandemic times

Inclusive practices for learning differences

What is the effect of dyslexia on language learning?

Judit Kormos’ presentation on specific learning difficulties and language learning

Dr. Kate Cain on the nature of reading difficulties

Students with dyslexia talk about some difficulties they face

Dr. Anne Margaret Smith on inclusive language teaching


Accommodating dyslexic language learners in the classroom


Language learning and musical activities by ELTwell

Multi-sensory tasks for teaching spelling (FutureLearn course)

Joanna Nijakowska presents techniques for developing phonological and orthographic awareness




Video on universal design in language teaching

Additional videos can be found in the ENGaGE teacher education programme

Materials in English:

Materials in German:

principles-of-inclusive-task-designPresentation on inclusive language teaching material design

PPT slides by Judit Kormos presented at  the Colloquium on Specific Learning Differences in Greece (TESOL Greece conference, November 2018). Link to slides: Greecetalk2018

Presentation on developing writing skills in an inclusive classroom


PPT slides by Judit Kormos presented at the 8th ELT conference in Malta (Malta, October, 2019). Link to slides: Maltaworkshop

Presentation for learners

This presentation outline gives tips and advice to students on learning strategies and techniques that can assist in language learning.

Link to PPT of presentation: FOstudents2019_website