Términos clave para los estudios de la movilidad en América Latina

Dhan Zunino Singh, Guillermo Giucci y Paola Jirón (eds.), Términos clave para los estudios de la movilidad en América Latina [Keywords for the study of mobilities in Latin America] (Buenos Aires, Biblos, 2018) Prologue by Noel Salazar.

If ‘all that is solid melts into air’, it is in large part because movement has become the organizing principal characteristic of modern times. The multiplicity of expressions that mobility adopts, including the immobile infrastructure that supports it, suggest that we inhabit a world in flux, made up of inters

paces where groups of people, objects, and ideas converge and disperse with great rapidity. How can we understand the actual trajectories, movements, and directions of these movements? What do the ‘mobilities turn’ and the ‘consciousness of a mobile world’ mean, and how do they help us better to make sense of our condition as mobile subjects?

This handbook, the first of its kind to appear in the Spanish language, seeks to provide some preliminary answers to these questions, particularly in the context of contemporary mobilities in Latin America. A collaborative effort from a diverse group of researchers, largely from Latin America itself, but also including scholars based in Europe and North America, the handbook invites readers to enter the field of mobilities through twenty two terms, which deploy, combine, and develop approaches from a range of disciplines including sociology, anthropology, history, geography, architecture, engineering, and literature, and engage with current scholarship in urban studies, transport, the environment, migration, and tourism. This selection is a pertinent approximation that offers a roadmap of concepts, debates, themes, and phenomena around mobility.

Keywords: accessibility and daily mobility, aeromobility, automobility, walking, circulation, right to mobility, gender, immobility, placing in motion, migration, moving with objetcs, children mobility, residential mobility, mobility and tourism, passengers, performance, networks, rhythm, road safety, transport, sustainable transport, travel. More information: https://terminosclavemovil.wixsite.com/terminos-clave-libro