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William Perry 400 x 400 px

William Perry

PhD: From morphology to microbiome: integrated common garden-genomic studies in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) Bangor University Email William Perry at Bangor Linkedin Profile Twitter Previous… Read More »William Perry

Simon Karythis 400 x 400 px

Simon Karythis

PhD: An interdisciplinary approach to understanding predator modification of prey behaviour School of Ocean Sciences Bangor University Email Simon Karythis at Bangor I originally studied… Read More »Simon Karythis

Jack Garnett 400 x 400 px

Jack Garnett

PhD: Ice enrichment of chemical pollutants: a significant phenomenon in a warmer arctic Lancaster Environment Centre Lancaster University Email Jack Garnett at Lancaster I am… Read More »Jack Garnett

Fiona Sach 400 x 400 px

Fiona Sach

PhD: Are Land Use Decisions of African Elephants Based on Environmental Geochemistry British Geological Survey Email Fiona Sach at British Geological Survey Read Fiona‚Äôs blog… Read More »Fiona Sach

Dan Blumgart 400 x 400 px

Dan Blumgart

PhD: Investigating the mechanisms behind moth declines: plants, landscape, pollution and climate Bawden Building Rothamsted Research Email Dan Blumgart at Rothamsted Research I am an… Read More »Dan Blumgart