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Abby Wallwork 400 x 400 px

Abby Wallwork

PhD: Linking functional diversity with soil carbon dynamics in secondary tropical forests Email Abby Wallwork at CEH Email Abby Wallwork at Lancaster University Linkedin Profile… Read More »Abby Wallwork

Nick Primmer 400 x 400 px

Nick Primmer

PhD: Mid-Low Latitude Holocene Climate Change using Varve Analysis University Of Nottingham Email Nick Primmer Twitter profile Project Link In 2013, I graduated from the… Read More »Nick Primmer

Nick Girkin 400 x 400 px

Nick Girkin

PhD: Tropical Forest Methane Emissions: Root Regulation of Soil Processes and Fluxes Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Gateway Building University of Nottingham Sutton Bonington Campus Sutton… Read More »Nick Girkin

Laura Dean 400 x 400 px

Laura Dean

PhD: Sea Level, Salinity, Sympatry and Speciation in Sticklebacks NERC ENVISION PhD Research Student Room B26E School of Life Sciences University of Nottingham Nottingham Tel:… Read More »Laura Dean

Jane Hosegood 400 x 400 px

Jane Hosegood

PhD: Novel genetic tools for conservation and management of vulnerable manta rays Environment Centre Wales 3rd Floor Molecular Ecology and Fisheries Genetics Laboratory Bangor University… Read More »Jane Hosegood

James Hicks 400 x 400 px

James Hicks

PhD: Dragons Feel the Heat: the Thermal Vulnerability of Malaysian Agamid Lizards in a Human Altered Landscape Sir Clive Granger Building University of Nottingham Email… Read More »James Hicks

David Foster 400 x 400 px

David Foster

PhD: Adaptation to environmental stress by evolution of non-genotypic heterogeneity within microbial populations Life Sciences Building University of Nottingham Email David Foster Project Link I… Read More »David Foster

Dan Potter 400 x 400 px

Dan Potter

PhD: Flow modification in a tidal farm and potential effects on marine habitats Room B46 LEC 3 Building Lancaster University Lancaster LA1 4NY Tel: Email… Read More »Dan Potter