Rothamsted Research

Rothamsted Research provides PhD students with a structured training programme, which will enhance their career prospects, make them more competitive in the workplace and give them a clear understanding of the role of a Research Scientist. In addition, we have a monitoring scheme that ensures each student is making satisfactory progress, is receiving adequate supervision and is completing all mandatory parts of the training programme.

The aims of the programme, and the monitoring scheme that it includes, are that:

  • the student becomes knowledgeable in a chosen scientific field to a standard expected of a scientist of potential international standing
  • generates novel research findings suitable for publication in internationally refereed journals
  • develops expertise in:
    • modern technical methods and experimental planning
    • numerical and statistical skills
    • communication and organisational skills
    • information technology
  • achieves the self-reliance and adaptability needed to succeed in subsequent employment
  • acquires the interpersonal skills that promote effective interaction with peers, established scientists and support staff
PhD Training Elements
First Year
PhD induction+
Planning your PhD+
Poster Design+
Develop personal training programme+
Presentation Skills+
Technical Writing (or Year 2 by discussion)+
Attend student symposium as a poster presenter+
Present a departmental seminar introducing your research topic (15-20 minutes)+
Complete and submit report after 9 months+
4 additional days of generic training+
Literature survey (first 6 months)
Journal club
Intermediate Years
Attend studeent symposium presenting a poster+
Submit second year report+
10 days of generic training+
How to get your work published+
Specialist courses for research
Journal club
Final Year
Career Management (2 days)+
Thesis Writing and Viva Skills+
Attend student symposium as an oral presenter+
Full seminar within departmental programme+
6 additional days of generic training+
Submit thesis+
Journal club
Full list of courses and length
Course offered
1 credit = 0.5 days
PhD Induction Course2 credits
Planning your PhD2 credits
PhD Health and Safety1 credit
Basic statistics and Introduction to GenStat4 credits
Design and Analysis of Experiments part 14 credits
Design and Analysis of Experiments part 24 credits
Linear regression4 credits
Non-linear regression2 credits
Endnote for beginners1 credit
Introduction to Multivariate Statistics4 credits
Good scientific practice2 credits
Getting your work published2 credits
Thesis writing2 credits
Technical writing4 credits
Planning your PhD2 credits
Communication skills2 credits
Making meetings work2 credits
Career management4 credits
Handling difficult conversations/situations2 credits
Diversity1 credit
Time management2 credits
Panel interviewing4 credits
Microsoft Outlook2 credits
Successful grant writing1 credut
Introduction to project management4 credits
Introduction to finance2 credits
Developing presentation skills4 credits
Poster skills2 credits
PowerPoint introduction2 credits
PowerPoint intermediate2 credits
PowerPoint advanced2 credits
Word introduction2 credits
Word intermediate2 credits
Word advanced2 credits
Dreamweaver2 credits
Photoshop2 credits
Excel introduction2 credits
Excel intermediate2 credits
Excel advanced2 credits
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