Applications for 2021 are now closed.

The list of Envision research projects that students can apply for are currently available with a closing date for applications of Wednesday 13th January 2021. They are also advertised on The starting date for these projects is October 2021.List of available projectsCandidates are encouraged to contact the project supervisors and discuss the relevant project before applying.

Application process
All applicants should make their application through the Envision website by Wednesday 13th January 2021. An application consists of a completed application form and a CV with a maximum of three pages.View the Envision application form here.You may apply for up to three Envision projects, but this should be made clear when you submit your application through the project portal. Please do not apply for the same project more than once. You will need to upload a completed application form and CV for each project that you apply for (the three applications must all be in one single PDF). If you are applying for three projects please submit three CVs and application forms in one submission to us. Please make your preference of projects clear in your application.Please list your two referees on the application form. The project supervisor will get in touch with your referees after the deadline on Wednesday 13th January 2021. You do not need to do anything for this to happen.We are committed to removing any potential bias in our application process. In this light:Please do not include a photo in your CV.Your referees have been asked to write a gender-neutral reference, without your name.Once received in the Envision office your application will be forwarded to the appropriate Envision supervisor who may want to interview you. Envision will offer interviewed candidates a £75 contribution to interview expenses.If you are selected for the project you applied for, your application will then be considered, alongside those of the candidates for the other Envision projects by the Envision management group. Sixteen offers of fully funded studentships will be made by Envision by Monday 8th March 2021.We will require candidates to accept or decline the offer of a studentship no later than 12pm, Wednesday 17th March 2021.Please send all enquiries to: