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Associate Partners

Associate Partners

Envision DTP are constantly establishing new links with partner organisations to work alongside us and our students and get involved in research. We work with partners worldwide on a range of different issues and in different ways. There are multiple ways to get involved in our training and research.

These partnerships provide benefits to our partners, our students and the DTP as a whole via:Collaborative CASE StudentshipsResearch, Policy and Industrial Placements; andInternational Internships.Find out more about these types of engagement.

Associate Partners have access to a network of the highest quality PhD students working on brand new and innovative research whilst supporting our students in enhancing their knowledge and skills.If you would like to become an Associate Partner of Envision DTP please get in touch with Nikki Flook, Envision DTP Manager,

The programme really is amazing, and the students are clearly the top in the field. I am beyond impressed.Associate Partner: Dr Jamison Gove, Research Oceanographer, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

I am delighted to see the student is really benefitting and taking advantage of the numerous opportunities given to her.  She is likely to be a model example of how a student can and should respond to such training opportunities.  Her case is very strong evidence that the programme is working very well indeed.Associate Partner: Charles Sheppard, CCT Trustee, Chagos Conservation Trust

We have established links with a variety of organisations worldwide including: Blue Ventures, Biodiversity and Land-use Impacts on Tropical Ecosystem Function, British Antarctic Survey, Butterfly Conservation, Columbia University (Lamont-Doherty Observatory), Chagos Conservation Trust, Colchester Zoo, Ecological Continuity Trust, Elephants Alive, Ennoviga Solar Limited, Environment Agency, The Fisheries Society of the British Isles, The Genetics Society, German Research Centre for Geosciences, HR Wallingford, Institute of Maritime Research, Institute of Physical Chemistry “Rocasolano”, ITM Monitoring, Knowsley Safari, Llanelli Sand Dredging, Manta Trust, Marbec, MET Office, Molecular Ecology and Fisheries Genetics Laboratory, National Botanic Garden of Wales, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Oceanography Centre, Natural England, The Nature Conservancy, Network Rail, Noah’s Ark Zoo, People’s Trust for Endangered Species, Plymouth Marine Lab, The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, Sabah Forestry Department, Save Our Seas Foundation, South African National Parks Authority, South Cumbria Rivers Trust, South East Asia Rainforest Research Programme, Stockholm Resilience Centre, TRACE Wildlife Forensics Network, Twycross Zoo, United Utilities, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, University of Aarhus, University of Aberdeen, University of Aberystwyth, University of Dundee, University of East Anglia, University of Exeter, University of Glasgow, University of Malaysia Sabah, University of Worcester, Vizworx, Wildlife Conservation Society, Wood Knowledge Wales and Zoological Society of London Whipsnade Zoo.