You can find the papers presented in the workshop and the presenting author in the list below.

Emmanuel Thanassoulis – Assessing research productivity in terms of endogeneity or exogeneity of academic salaries

Davide Donina – The impact of the financial crisis on the efficiency of Italian universities

Roberto Zotti – Regional growth and human capital in Italy using a spatial approach: Is there a quality effect of university efficiency

Raffaele Lagravinese – Efficiency in education achievements: A regional disparities analysis

Tommaso Agasisti – Using OECD-Pisa data for estimating the efficiency of secondary schools in an international perspective: Preliminary results

Chandra Shah – Incentives for relocating to regional Australia: Estimates using a choice experiment

Laura Lopez-Torres – Measuring school demand in  the presence of spatial dependence: A conditional approach

Gabriela Sicilia – Dealing with the endogeneity issue in the estimation of educational efficiency using nonparametric techniques

Maria Conceicao Silva Portela – Efficiency and value added in secondary education: The case of Portugal

Taptuk Emre Erkoc – Efficiency measurement of Turkish universities with data envelopment analysis

James Carroll – How efficient are our universities? A stochastic frontier analysis of English and Welsh universities

Jose Manuel Cordero (presented by Daniel Santin) – Assessing European primary school performance through a conditional nonparametric model

Francesco Vidoli – Student learning assessment: A non-compensative robust composite measure in Italy

Daniel Santin – The teacher effect: an efficiency analysis from a natural experiment in Spanish primary schools

Kristof de Witte – Efficiency in education: A review of the literature and a way forward

Jill Johnes – University mergers in England: Effects on Efficiency

Cecilio Mar Molinero – Exploring the efficiency of Mexican universities: Integrating DEA and MDS

Domingo Perez Ximenez de Embun – Financial literacy, maths performance and private publicly subsidised schools in Spain

Herberto Rodriguez-Regordosa – Evaluating impact of Mexican higher education policy on state universities using direct and indirect technology

Joanna Wolszczak-Derlacz – An evaluation and explanation of higher education institutions’ inefficiency in Europe and in the US with applications of two stage semi-parametric DEA

Ann Veiderpass – Evaluating the performance of higher education institutions in Europe: A non-parametric efficiency analysis of 944 institutions

Daniel Horn – The long term effects of early educational selection: A quasi-natural policy experiment from Hungary

John Ruggiero – Nonparametric estimation of adequacy in education

Finn Forsund – Productivity of Norwegian institutions of higher education