In September 2021, the Doctors within Borders initiative hosted its third and final workshop: “Healthcare on the Move: Future Directions

It was a chance to extend conversations and the network itself, to reflect upon past discussions and the future of research at the intersections of healthcare, mobilities and bordering. There were many highlights, including:

Keynote Lecture

The keynote was delivered by Professor Kate O’Donnell (University of Glasgow) based on her years of experience researching the patient journeys of mobile and marginalised populations and their interactions with primary care systems. Dr Yusuf Ciftci from Doctors of the World responded. The video of this deeply insightful discussion is now available to watch (again).

Illustrations from Jack Brougham

We were also joined a creative collaborator, illustrator Jack Brougham, who captured the discussions on theday through his unique visual interpretations. We are delighted to share some of those drawings here.

Roundtable discussion

There was a lively, impassioned and insightful roundtable discussion featuring contributors from previous workshops. Kathryn Cassidy, Pawel Lewicki, Agnieszka Kosowicz, Kitty Worthing, Leslie Gross-Wyrtzen, Fredy Melingui and Zineb Rachidi El Yacoubi responded to two questions:

1. In your research/practice, which concept(s) do you find most productive and why?

2. What is the message you would like to convey to a senior politician? Where do you see openings for action?

The session was live illustrated by Jack. Check out the amazing result here.

Poem premiere

Poet and writer Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan crafted a powerful poem after participating in Workshop 2, and joined us again to give its first live performance. ‘The Vocabulary of Neglect’ left many of us speechless.

It is an impressive reflection of Workshop 2 and a moving and important work of art: please take four minutes of your time to listen to Suhaiymah’s poem. You won’t regret it.


Some fascinating research was also presented at the workshop. Check out the twitter feed #DwBW3 for highlights.

Padlet links

During the event, we shared resources amongst the participants via a Padlet page: a selection of the shared content can be found here.

Workshop 3: Keynote video and Illustrations out now