At the third workshop in September 2021, Healthcare on the Move: Future Directions, we were joined by a creative collaborator Jack Brougham who live-illustrated the roundtable discussion and produced a set of images across the whole workshop.

This remarkable collection of drawings provides a snapshot of many of the most important ideas and a unique and lasting record of the event. Here are just a few of those images.

Below is Jack’s illustration of the roundtable discussion. Panellists Kathryn Cassidy, Pawel Lewicki, Agnieszka Kosowicz, Kitty Worthing, Leslie Gross-Wyrtzen, Fredy Melingui and Zineb Rachidi El Yacoubi, gave their insights and reflections in answer to two questions.

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Watch the keynote lecture from Prof. Kate O’Donnell, inspiration for the following image.