Contemporary healthcare systems assume that the people for whom they provide care belong to populations that are largely settled. Yet, we know that people are moving, with migration and health a challenging issue in contemporary society. How do health systems deliver care to those who lack legal settled status or a permanent address?

This project establishes a research network, bringing together experts in health and migration, non-governmental organisations, the NHS and health professionals across Europe who deliver care to such groups. Members of the network explore the often dynamic and novel ways health professionals have engaged with the mobility of their patients, frequently working outside the regular health system.

See our first call for participants here and more about the first workshop here.


Covid-19 Update

We are currently looking at a range of possibilities in lieu of the workshops planned for May and September this year, including a combination of virtual and (possibly) face to face events in the academic year 2020/2021. We will post as soon as have further details. Please read our update.