The Doctors within Borders team have compiled a list of resources, commentaries, campaigns and current affairs reporting that analyse and provide insight into the health context of migrants and other mobile communities during the coronavirus crisis, including issues of:

  • borders
  • migration
  • access to healthcare
  • other forms of (im)mobility and inequalities
  • and social science responses to the crisis.

This came as a response to the disruption caused by the pandemic which lead us to cancel a workshop and put all other plans on hold. For a project that set out to explore the intersections of public health and human mobility, together with a network of practitioners and researchers, this was somewhat ironic. Indeed, many of the issues discussed in our first workshop have been brought into painfully sharp focus during the early months of the pandemic, attracting more public attention than we might have ever imagined.

So we decided to try to keep track of some of this debate, analysis and advocacy as it emerged. Many ‘rapid response’ blogs, forums, statements and resource platforms have been created, and the commentary and analysis continues.

Since it might be useful to others, we decided to make the collection public. It is far from complete: in fact, it’s only just a start.

We welcome further contributions to the #covidmobilities collection: please tweet suggestions to @doctors_borders or email.

See the (growing) collection here.


A colourful collection of picture frames

Photo by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash

The Covid Mobilities Collection | #covidmobilities