Hannah Morgan

Visiting Researcher: Anthon Sand Jørgensen

Photo of a road sign listing the towns Lancaster is twinned with including Aalborg

We were delighted to host our Danish NNDR colleague Anthon Sand Jørgensen for a short visit this autumn. Anthon, who is a lecturer in the Department of Sociology and Social Work Via University College and undertaking doctoral research at Aalborg University visited Lancaster in September and October 2018. A drive from campus into Lancaster reminded us […]

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The MCA is 10

H is for happiness and human rights

The MCA is 10 – Time to Party The 27th September 2017 is the 10th Birthday of the Mental Capacity Act (MCA). We want to celebrate all that the Act brings to social work practice including greater control, human rights and even the opportunity to make decisions that may seem unwise to may. The MCA […]

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A Trade in People

Within the Centre for Disability Research (CeDR) at Lancaster University we’ve been supporting the 7 Days of Action campaign (see their website ). This campaign, led by activist families has three aims: to get people with autism and learning difficulties out of in-patient settings and back into their communities; to keep them in their […]

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Accessible summary: Use of physical restraint on locked wards

by Rebecca Fish   Physical restraint is holding somebody to stop them moving. It is done to stop harm to people or damage to property. Staff sometimes use physical restraint to restrict someone’s freedom of movement. When people think about staying in units, they often remember being physically restrained, or seeing other people being restrained. […]

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Scholars from Russia’s TPU visit CeDR

On 9th November 2016, CeDR welcomed visitors from Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) in Russia. They were: Professor Leonid Kapilevich, Doctor of medicine, Department of Sports Disciplines Professor Natalia Lukianova, Doctor of philosophy, head of department of )social communication Dr Ksenia Davletyarova, Assistant prof, Department of Physical Training Dr Elena Rogotneva, Assistant of prof, Department of […]

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