October 25, 2018

Visiting Researcher: Anthon Sand Jørgensen

Photo of a road sign listing the towns Lancaster is twinned with including Aalborg

Photo of the road sign 'Aalborg Place'We were delighted to host our Danish NNDR colleague Anthon Sand Jørgensen for a short visit this autumn. Anthon, who is a lecturer in the Department of Sociology and Social Work Via University College and undertaking doctoral research at Aalborg University visited Lancaster in September and October 2018.

A drive from campus into Lancaster reminded us that the link between Lancaster and Aalborg is much older than the recent Erasmus agreement signed between the two Universities. The City of Lancaster has been twinned with Aalborg since 1982. Anthon found Aalborg Place during a walk around the city

Anthon spent his visit working on his doctoral research on inclusion and exclusion in the lives of people with learning disabilities, meeting with staff and students across the university, and participating in the 2018 Lancaster Disability Studies Conference where he presented ‘Experiences of inclusion and exclusion – A presentation of a qualitative interview study of adults with intellectual disabilities’.


Thank you so much for an interesting stay

Photo of Anthon Sand JørgensenBack in Aalborg Denmark with new great experiences, after a research visit exchange at Lancaster University, Department of Sociology

On a walk around your fantastic Lancaster University Campus, I thought about how all my colleagues in Denmark should be given the same opportunity to attend a staff visit at Lancaster University. I have visited the Department of Sociology and Social Work for 5 weeks and met many inspiring researchers as well as dedicated students. It has given me new interesting ideas regarding, how to introduce new students to the education programme in Social Work. Likewise, the visit has given me insight into the work of the Centre for Disability Research (CeDR) e.g. by attending the recently held Lancaster Disability Studies Conference, led by Senior Lecturer Hannah Morgan. For me an experience, that has provided updated knowledge of disability research from all around the world. This has inspired  me to move on with my own research on inclusion and exclusion for people with disabilities.

Lancaster University has an extraordinary environment. Fantastic committed staff members and students and additionally a lovely Campus. Thank you very much, to all staff and students for an extraordinary hospitality. You have generously shared knowledge and experience with me.

Anthon Sand Jørgensen Lecturer, from Aalborg Denmark, twinned with the city of Lancaster