Members of the centre publish a wide range of articles, books, reports and other materials. You can find full details of each person’s publications on from their university webpage which you’ll find on our people page Below is a collection of the most relevant publications and those that have been published by the Centre.

Publications by CeDR members

These are ordered by year and include journal articles, books, book chapters and reports. We try to produce an accessible, or lay summary, for as many of our publications as possible.


Fish, RM & Morgan, H 2019, ”Moving on’ through the locked ward system for women with intellectual disabilities’ Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities. Full article available here Accessible summary ‘How do women with learning disabilities move on through locked wards?’ available here

James, E, Morgan, H & Mitchell, R 2019, Social Work Cats and Rocket Science: Stories of Making a Difference in Social Work with Adults. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London. Our webpage for the book is

James, E, Morgan, H & Mitchell, RJ 2019, ‘Innovating Adult Social Work Practice-Learning from the Named Social Worker for Adults with Learning Disabilities Pilots‘, Social Work Education, vol. 38, no. 4, pp. 503-515.


Fish, R., (2018). ‘Behind This Wall’ – Experiences of Seclusion on Locked Wards for Women. Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research. 20(1), pp.139–151. DOI:  Accessible summary ‘‘Behind this wall’– seclusion and locked wards’ available here

Fish, RM & Morgan, H 2018, Working with men who self-harm in a learning disability secure unit: staff perspectives. CeDR Research Report, no. 1, vol. 2017, Lancaster University, Lancaster. This was a research report provided to the research funders. An accessible summary ‘Working with men who self-harm in a learning disability secure unit’ is available here

James. E. Harvey, M. and Mitchell, R. 2018. ‘An Inquiry by Social Workers into Evening Routines in Community Living Settings for Adults with Learning Disabilities’ Practice  Social Work in Action 30 (1) pp 19-32. The article is available here The accessible summary ‘The Big Bedtime Audit’ is available here


Fish, RM and Hatton, C. 2017 ‘Gendered experiences of physial restraint on locked wards for women’ Disability & Society 32 (6) pp. 790-809. The article is published here Accessible summary ‘Use of physical restraint on locked wards’ available here

Fish, RM, Hatton, C and Chauhan. U 2017 “Tell me what they do to my body”: A survey to find out what information people with learning disabilities want with their medications. British Journal of Learning Disabilities 45 (3) pp 217-225. The article is available here  The accessible summary ‘What information do people with learning disabilities want with their medications?’ is available here

James, E, Morgan, H & Mitchell, R 2017, ‘Named social workers ? Better social work for learning disabled people? ‘, Disability and Society, vol. 32, no. 10, pp. 1650-1655. Full article available here: Accessible summary ‘Named social workers – better social work for learning disabled people?’ is available here



James, E. Neary, M and Hatton, C. (2016) Report of the First 7 Days of Action CeDR Briefing Paper 2016:1 Lancaster: Centre for Disability Research Published in support of the #7daysofaction campaign