My Dissertation Experience – Emily Clayton

Supervisor and project title: Professor Roger Pickup: Identification and characterisation of unknown bacteria from mobile phone screens using substrate utilisation analysis Why I chose this topic: I have always had a keen interest in the areas of microbiology and cell biology, so I knew I was going to list these topics as my first options Read more about My Dissertation Experience – Emily Clayton[…]

Parasite Culture and Diagnosis – Leishmania adleri

Leishmania alderi (a lizard parasite that is non-pathogenic to humans) can easily be grown in culture to further research into the neglected tropical disease Leishmaniasis and to investigate the usage of an antigen detection diagnostic test – BIOL322 Tropical Diseases practical. Leishmaniasis is caused by transmission of the protozoan Leishmania parasites via the bite of infected female phlebotomine sandflies. Read more about Parasite Culture and Diagnosis – Leishmania adleri[…]