Marina B. Shirly M. and Priya S. attended JPS 2018 in Amsterdam

Marina Bazhydai, Shirly Ma and Priya Silverstein attended Jean Piaget Society 2018 held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (30/5 – 2/6). The theme of conference this year was “The Dynamics of Development: Process, (Inter-)Action, & Complexity”. The conference covered theories based on the dynamic of human development as well as the uptodate research of developmental psychology all over the world. All of us had a good time there:

“I had a great time at JPS 2018! This was a really unusual conference in that it focused heavily on theory. It was very useful to put my research in the context of theory, and meet loads of interesting people. And Amsterdam is a great city, which was very fun to explore!”—–Priya

“This is my first academic conference. I enjoye it so much. Not only because I learned a lot from many informative symposiums and great keynote talks, but also I met many enthusiastic researchers working on infant research all around the world. Many nice conversations and brain storm in this inspiring conference.”—–Shirly

“I appreciated learning about the history of intellectual ideas supporting the dynamic systems approach to development and various methods of conducting psychological research within those non-linear traditions.”—–Marina