MA/PhD Course


Practice theory:  A one week intensive course at Lancaster University (held online via MS Teams) – 24th April – Tue 30th Apr 2024.

The course is taught by experts in theories of practice, including Stanley Blue, Ted Schatzki, and Elizabeth Shove. Its aim is to introduce students to various theories of practice. Among the topics we will examine are substantial theoretical ones such as change, power, time, connectivity, variation, materiality, and method as well as aspects of practice theories that have informed research in a number of substantive areas including management, education, health, and energy. To this end, the course blends preparatory work—recorded lectures, podcasts, reading, and various intellectual exercises (all released in March)— with a week of activities, linked exercises, and cross-disciplinary group work (held online in the last week of April).

Participants have a great opportunity not just to learn about theories of practices but to connect and work with researchers from around the world who use, or are interested in using, such theories in their work. For evidence of the kind of fun we have, you can leaf through a scrapbook of postcards, produced by course participants (see also 2021 and 2022). We ended with a capping off ceremony: Hats on, and then hats off to everyone!

To learn more about the content of the course and how it is organised, you can read the 2024 Handbook.

The course is credit bearing: 20 Lancaster MA credits (transferable in the UK system), and the equivalent of 10 ECTS credits.


If you are not a student at Lancaster University, the cost of the course is £640.

To apply

To apply, send a CV (no more than 2 pages) and a brief statement (no more than 1 page) about your interests and why you want to join the course to Stanley Blue, by 17:00 British time on Wednesday 17th January 2024.

Dates to bear in mind:

Mon 6th November 2023: the call for participants goes out.

Mon 8th January 2024, 5pm: the deadline for all applicants. Extended to Wednesday 17th January 2024

Thursday 18th January 2024: we send out decisions about which applicants we have selected.

Fri 9th February 2024, 5pm: deadline for payment.

Mon 26th February 2024, cancellations are non-refundable after this date.

Mon 11th March 2024: course materials available to those who have registered.

Mon 8th April 2024, 5pm: deadline for participants to submit blogs for sharing

Thu 11th April 2024, 4pm-5pm UK time: pre-course meeting online

Wed 24th April – Tue 30th Apr 2024: the course itself.

Mon 3rd June 2024: coursework deadline