Practice theory and method

Chatting about practice theory and method – 10-15 minute podcasts on the experience of conducting empirical research that is informed by practice theory

Elizabeth Shove (podcast) talks with Susann Wagenknecht about rules and traffic lights
Elizabeth Shove (podcast) talks with Dale Southerton about research into food waste
Elizabeth Shove (video) talks with Elizabeth Shove about methods of studying the relation between infrastructures (gas central heating) and practices

For more discussions of Practice theory methodologies – see the blog curated by Hilmar Schaefer and Allison Hui.


You can find some references to works on practice theory here

Books in context

The Nexus of Practices edited by Allison Hui, Ted Schatzki and Elizabeth Shove (Routledge 2017)   The website of the book

For some of the ideas that lie behind Shove, E., Pantzar, M. and Watson (2012) the ‘Dynamics of Social Practice’ : once called the ‘choreography of everyday life’

Related research

The DEMAND Centre (Dynamics of Energy, Mobility and Demand) 2013-2018 includes a wealth of research and writing inspired by social theories of practice.

Beyond behaviour change – including details of Yolande Strengers and Cecily Maller’s practice theory reading group