Rehearsal Process

Meet the Company!

Rehearsals for Henry V are held in the evenings Monday-Friday, to ensure the actors know their characters and lines inside and out! We always begin sessions with warmups and fun games, not only as ice-breakers to get to know each other, but to also keep things lively and entertaining. Here are some pictures of what we have been working on so far:


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These rehearsals are exploring many aspects of Henry V, including music, puppets, lighting and shadows, and levels of stage performance. All of these add to the complexities of a Shakespearean play, allowing our performance to also stage both reflections of Henry himself; as a Machiavellian war criminal or Christian king.

Members of the Company 

As mentioned, these rehearsals are not just about learning lines, but also getting to know each person in our performance. Interviews have begun, which have allowed us to gain a better insight into people’s thoughts and feelings about the rehearsal process, their own characters, and any favourite moments they have had so far.

Meet Daniel!

Characters: Nym and Bates

How have you found rehearsals so far?

“I’ve enjoyed playing all the games, getting to know everyone, figuring out my character…singing together is quite fun, it gets us all a bit more comfortable around each other”




  Meet Lydia!

Characters: Catherine and The Hostess

What do you like and dislike about your character? 

“I like that Catherine tries to learn English because they are completely invading and killing everyone in their country and she wants to learn to speak her mind. I dislike that she doesn’t use that and just accepts her marriage to Henry”



Meet Megan!

Character: Montjoy

What do you like and dislike about your character?

“I think he has one of the best lines in the play, I like saying ‘This day is yours’. I dislike the fact that he doesn’t speak more than he does, I think he is quite important because he gives that final message to Henry”



Meet Ben!

Characters: Bardolph and Sir Thomas Erpingham

What’s your favourite rehearsal technique or game?

“We recently did an activity that I really did enjoy, where we had to choose different moments set as our various characters and share with the group. This has made me appreciate other characters and how they might respond to me and how I might respond to them”



Meet Jonty!

Characters: Williams and Salisbury

How have you found rehearsals so far? 

“I don’t usually do much in terms of drama, I usually look more at English but I’ve enjoyed working with others and getting to know everyone”




Meet Georgina!

Characters: The French King, The French Ambassador and a French Soldier

What’s something you like about your character?

“My favourite thing about the French King is his commanding presence and his unwavering support for his country, and I love doing a little bit of French”



Meet Alana!

Character: The Boy

What’s your favourite rehearsal technique or game?

“I like the torpedo game, when we learn other character’s names, getting a sense of who you’re performing with”




Meet Anthony!

Character: Fluellen

If you could choose one other character to play, who would it be and why?

“If given the chance to do this play again, I’d love to play the dauphin. Seeking approval from his father and kid, and never getting, is a really interesting dynamic to play”



Meet Vicky!

Role: Stage Manager

How have you found the rehearsal process so far?

“I have really enjoyed the rehearsal process so far. It’s been really exciting to see the actors grow in confidence with their characters as well as being able to visualise the way that the production is going to look when brought to the Shire Hall!”



Meet Astrid!

Role: Shadow puppets

What do you think of the King?

“With the shadows I wanted to explore the idea that Henry, virtuous or ruthless, is just a product of his father’s teachings and his lineage – I think he’s definitely complex and the only moment I think his genuine thoughts come out are in 4.1.”


Meet Helen!

Characters: Bishop of Ely, Governor of Harfleur, Constable of France and a Herald

What’s something you like and dislike about your character?

“I like how arrogant the Constable of France appears, and I dislike the fact that I die!”




Meet Alison!

Role: Producer/Organiser

Character: Alice

What do you think of the King?

“A very complex, enigmatic character. Elements of his speech are absolutely seductive in terms of the passionate address to an individual on stage, which encompasses the whole audience as well!”


Meet Maggie!

Character: King Henry V

How are you finding the rehearsal process so far?

“It’s a beast of a play, but it’s been a really good process to actually adapt and learn to work with students, professionals, community cast – we’re over half way now but we’re getting there!”





Meet David!

Character: The Chorus

If you could play one other character, who would it be and why?

“I would really like to play Fluellen, it would be really great to play a soldier. But, in all honesty, if we’re taking a modern approach and using lived experience, Pistol. After all, I am a lying, coward that talks too much!”