‘English Portraits, Landscapes and Pastoral Scenes’ — Deborah Crofts

In collaboration with the ‘Dramatizing Penshurst’ project, who are planning a production of Lady Mary Wroth’s (1587-1652) play Love’s Victory (c.1617), a pastoral tragicomedy; the course will explore a selection of artworks located at Penshurst Place but also examples of relevant works from art history.

The course is officially held at Kent Adult Education Centre in Sevenoaks and the students and tutors will periodically visit Penshurst Place.

Featured paintings will include portraits of the descendants of the Sidney family, English landscapes and pastoral scenes.

This study of English art will begin with a tour of Penshurst Place in Kent on week 1 of the course (17th April). The visit will present the opportunity to view some of the selected artworks to be included in the practical sessions of weeks 2 – 5 of the course at the Adult Education Centre in Sevenoaks.

Time periods examined will be that of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries but will also explore how these eras have influenced English art history into more modern times such as examples from William Hogarth, Gainsborough and Samuel Palmer.


By the end of the course students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of different artists
  • Recognise the distinct visual language of individual artists.
  • Identify specific influences relevant to individual artists.
  • Develop and justify their point of view
  • Take part in discussion with other students

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About Deborah Crofts


Artist, Deborah Crofts, who has a studio on the South Coast of Kent, delivers this course. She has a BA Fine Art from the University of East London and a PGCE gained at Greenwich University.