LTRG programme 2020 – 2021

LTRG is open to staff members, visiting researchers, PhD and MA students. Staff and students working away from campus can attend the seminars online. Please contact Tineke Brunfaut (t.brunfaut ‘at’, Luke Harding (l.harding ‘at’ or John Pill (j.pill ‘at’ for details.

LTRG usually meets on Thursdays, from 15:00 to 16:30. All meetings will be held on Microsoft Teams until further notice.

Term 3

Co-ordinators: John Pill, Geisa Davila Perez

Date Time Where Presenter Topic
29 April 15:00-16:30 Microsoft Teams All An oral history of Lancaster’s MA in Language Testing: Project set-up (I)
6 May 15:00-16:30 Microsoft Teams All Reading group
13 May 15:00-16:30 Microsoft Teams All An oral history of Lancaster’s MA in Language Testing: Project set-up (II)
20 May 15:00-16:30 Microsoft Teams Raffaella Bottini Task effects on lexical complexity in L2 spoken exams: Evidence from the Trinity Lancaster Corpus
27 May 11.30-13.00 Microsoft Teams Dr Susy Macqueen (Australian National University) Perceived constructs: Interpretations that count
3 June 15:00-16:30 Microsoft Teams William Agius Investigating the professional socialisation of air traffic controllers
10 June 15:00-16.30 Microsoft Teams Dr Bart Deygers (Ghent University) Candidates with low print literacy and high-stakes language tests: Implications for fair and valid testing
14-17 June Language Testing Research Colloquium (online)
24 June 15:00-16:30 Microsoft Teams
Louise Norris-HuntLena HeineNikos Prokopiou
MALTD dissertation presentations
Content and/or language? Teacher–test writer stakeholder perspectives on testing non-L1 foundation year students in specialist subjectsPassive comprehension as a feature of academic German: Results of secondary school students’ performance on a pictures-and-sentences-test in GermanThe Occupational English Test: The view of nurses in the UK
1 July 15:00-16:30 Microsoft Teams Dr Philip Durrant (University of Exeter) What can quantitative corpus methods tell us about writing proficiency?

Term 2

Co-ordinators: Tineke Brunfaut, Camilo Ramos

Date Time Where Presenter Topic
21 January 15:00-16:30 Microsoft Teams Agustinus Hardi Prasetyo (Iowa State University) Developing a scenario-based language assessment literacy test for teachers of English as a foreign language in Indonesia
28 January 15:00-16:30 Microsoft Teams Monique Yoder (Michigan State University) Identifying assessment literacy competencies for parents of English learners: An exploratory case study approach
4 February 15:00-16:30 Microsoft Teams Judith Fairbairn (British Council; University College London, IoE) Facet bias interaction between on/off-topic decisions and CEFR scores in a speaking task
11 February 15:00-16:30 Microsoft Teams Yejin Yung Analysing the opinion-giving skills of OPI test-takers in spoken corpus data
18 February 15:00-16:30 Microsoft Teams John Pill An oral history of Lancaster’s MA in Language Testing: Brainstorm (I)
25 February 15:00-16:30 Microsoft Teams Kathrin Eberharter Mock viva: The challenges of rating speaking: investigating rater cognition and scale use in novice raters
4 March 15:00-16:30 Microsoft Teams Santi Lestari Scoring reading-into-writing performances using two analytic rating scales: Rater reliability and consistency
11 March 15:00-16:30 Microsoft Teams Luke Harding An oral history of Lancaster’s MA in Language Testing: Brainstorm (II)
18 March 15:00-16:30 Microsoft Teams Beci Sickinger Evaluating EFL writing with comparative judgement vs. analytic rating methods: First results

Term 1

Co-ordinators: Luke Harding, Olena Rossi

Date Time Where Presenter Topic
1 October 15:00-16:30 Microsoft Teams All LTRG social session/catch-up
8 October 15:00-16:30 Microsoft Teams Rob Playfair (University of Liverpool) Developing a formative test of vocabulary knowledge for low-level Arabic pre-sessional students.
15 October 15:00-16:30 Microsoft Teams Geisa Davila Perez Investigating ELF’s own cline of proficiency.
15 October 15:00-16:30 Microsoft Teams Philip Horne The effect of task approach and mode of delivery on computer-based speaking tasks of pragmatic competence and interactional competence.
29 October 15:00-16:30 Microsoft Teams Michele Luxon Discussion about large-scale online speaking assessment
5 November 15:00-16:30 Microsoft Teams Olga Kvasova (National University of Ukraine) Insights from the delivery of language testing and assessment courses for pre- and in-service teachers in a Ukrainian university.
12 November 15:00-16:30 Microsoft Teams Kristin Rock (University of Hawaii in Manoa)

Jorge Beltran (Columbia University)

Validation of an analytic rubric for writing within academic discussion boards

Testing spoken argumentation: Bridging gaps in L2 Assessment

19 November 15:00-16:30 Microsoft Teams Olena Rossi Mock viva
27 November 14:00-17:00 Zoom Anyone All LTRG members are encouraged to join the LTF 2020 online event on Friday 27 November
3 December 15:00-16:30 Microsoft Teams Geoff LaFlair (Duolingo)

Duolingo English Test item development and difficulty estimation

10 December 15:00-16:30 Microsoft Teams Catherine Hughes

Svetlana Mazhurnaya

MALTD dissertation presentations