Professional Associations

International Language Testing Association (ILTA): ILTA is an international group of language testing and assessment scholars and practitioners whose dedication and work are respected both within and outside the profession, and who together define what it means to be a language tester.
European Association for Language Testing and Assessment (EALTA): EALTA is a professional association for language testers in Europe. EALTA’s interests are independent of those of any other organization.
United Kingdom Association for Language Testing and Assessment (UKALTA): UKALTA is a professional organisation that aims to provide a forum for the exchange of information and research on language testing and assessment in the UK.

Discussion lists

 ltest-l Discussion list of the international language testing community.

Language Tests

 dialanglogo DIALANG is a language diagnosis system developed by many European higher education institutions. It reports your level of skill against the Common European Framework (CEF) for language learning. DIALANG is not an exam. DIALANG does not issue certificates.

Language Testing Journals

 lantest Language Testing Journal
 laqcover Language Assessment Quarterly
Assessing Writing

Other resources in teaching, learning and assessment

Language Testing Resources Website: This site is designed and maintained by Glenn Fulcher
Item writing for language testing: Olena Rossi’s website contains practical guides, presentations and worksheets on language test development and item writing