Term 3

Date Room Presenter Topic
28 April 2014
Marcus Merriman lecture theatre Nivja de Jong Production and perception of L2 fluency
[Joint talk with SLLAT group]
29 April 2014
Bowland North SR23
Catherine van Beuningen Explaining age-related differences in native speaker listening comprehension
[Joint talk with SLLAT group]
8 May 2014 C89 No session
15 May 2014 C89 Zahra Al Lawati Mock-viva: An investigation of the Characteristics of Language Test Specifications and Item Writer Guidelines, and their Effect on Item Development
19 May 2014
Bowland North SR10
John Read The role of post-entry language assessment in English-medium universities
[Joint talk with SLLAT group]
20 May 2014
John Read;
Tineke Brunfaut & Gareth McCray
The potential of vocabulary measures in informing proficiency; Modelling reading item difficulty
29 May 2014 C89 Reading week
5 June 2014 C89 No session: LTRC conference
12 June 2014 County Main PC lab A044 Tineke Brunfaut Language testing bibliography
19 June 2014 C89 Sharon McCulloch Mock-viva: Critical engagement with source material in ESL postgraduate reading to write
26 June 2014 Bowland North SR05 Pucheng Wang Possibility of combining keystroke logging, eye tracking and stimulated recall to explore test takers’ reading-to-write processes

Term 2

Week Date Room Presenter Topic
1 Wed 15 January Bowland North SR21 Tamara Rakic (Psychology dept, LU) The role of language and accents in social psychology (Joint LTRG & SSLAT meeting)
2 Thurs 23 January County South
Pucheng Wang Some issues in refining the construct of reading-to-write tasks: a discussion
3 Thurs 30 January Engineering LT3 Karmen Pizorn (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) Doing classroom research (Joint LTRG & SLLAT meeting)
4 Tue 4 February Charles Carter A15 Karmen Pizorn (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) Assessing young learners
5 13 February County South
Tineke Brunfaut Validating a marking grid: rating written performances
7 Thurs 27 February County South
Sahar Alkhelaiwi English linguistics and literature studies: discourse analysis of a spoken corpus
8 Thurs 6 March Faraday A036 Sam Kirkham Workshop: Analysing spoken performances with Praat
10 Wed 19 March Bowland North SR6 Henrik Gyllstad (Lund University, Sweden) The significance of vocabulary size and the validation of a vocabulary size test
(Joint LTRG & SLLAT meeting)


Term 1

Week Date Room Presenter Topic
5 September C89 Meg Malone The current state of foreign language assessment in the United States
20 September SR10
Bowland North
Xiangdong Gu A longitudinal case study of the washback of the National College English Test on teachers’ teaching processes and behaviours: Classroom observation
1 10 October
[4:15pm start]
C89 Luke Harding New member introductions + brief updates on research projects
2 17 October C89 Glyn Jones CEFR: Originating research and potential replication
3 24 October C89 Gareth McCray Mock-viva
4 31 October C89  
5 7 November C89 Gareth McCray LTF presentation practice “Assessing inter-rater reliability for nominal judgement variables”
6 14 November C89 READING WEEK
7 21 November Faraday A205 Luke Harding & Tineke Brunfaut Reviewing the EALTA website
8 28 November C89  
9 5 December C89 Charles Alderson, Tineke Brunfaut & Luke Harding Toward a theory of diagnosis in second and foreign language assessment
[Joint talk with SLLAT research group]
10 12 December C89 Benjamin Kremmel Explaining Variance in Reading Test Performance through Linguistic Knowledge