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Decolonisation elicits a complex array of inquiries extending beyond the mere augmentation of our reading lists. It necessitates contemplation of the inherent power dynamics in both classroom and supervisory spaces, the forms and repercussions of assessments, and the literatures and methodologies we advocate. Moreover, it demands a consideration of our interactions with fellow scholars, students, and other academic institutions. By its very essence, this constitutes a long-term undertaking. Although substantive efforts towards decolonisation have transpired at Lancaster, these have predominantly occurred in isolated pockets rather than through a concerted, coordinated approach. Consequently, our group was instituted in November 2019 and currently comprises over 500 members as of 2024.

This page predominantly serves as a reference source, given the internal nature of our university events. Should you have suggestions or additions, please feel free to get in touch.

For additional insights into related initiatives at the university, kindly refer to the Lancaster University Race Equality Network (LUREN).