The Maths Learning Development Team (MLD) at LU invites you come along to an event for sharing best practice in supporting students’ learning in maths.

At present, the majority of UK universities provide more or less the same type of maths learning development – drop-in sessions offered by a maths centre. However, such an approach does not allow building strong connection with students, following their progress or offering proactive support.

Our MLD team has developed a proactive and tailored approach that allows meeting the demand of a diverse student body (e.g. students from non-traditional university entry routes and students who have specific learning difficulties) to enhance students’ learning experience and improve retention. Based on our experience we can say that a tailored and timely approach works better. We can see it from the students’ feedback as well as from improvement in their academic performance.

We hope that you can come and join in the discussion of how best to address students’ needs in maths support and how maths support provision can be made more efficient. The aim of the event is to foster collaborative and informative discussion about types of tailored maths support provision that is helpful to students, with the focus on learning from experience and best practice. We are especially keen to promote using peer-assisted study sessions (PASS) (Supplemental Instruction (SI)/ Peer-assisted learning (PAL)) as a way of supporting students on “difficult” courses and of developing inclusive and person-centred pedagogical practices.

The event will include a set of 5-minute presentations by academic and teaching staff from LU and other universities, and keynote presentations by invited speakers:

Michael Grove (University of Birmingham), Deputy Head of Education within the School of Mathematics, previously Director of the National HE STEM Programme, presenting ‘Mathematics support: Learning from past and present to prepare for the future’.

Leif Bryngfors (Lund University, Sweden), Director of SI-PASS European Centre, presenting ‘SI-PAL-PASS: a Rose with many names’.

To register for this free event, please go to