TEACHLEARNSHARE  In 2021 we ran a series of TeachMeets to share enhancements in academic delivery (in person, blended, and online teaching events) prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This focused on what innovations were used, what would be retained and why. These TeachMeets were an opportunity to reflect on and hear about some of the innovations that had been adopted across the university. More TeachMeets will run in 2022- watch this space or use the contact information below if you have an idea for a TeachMeet.

Teach-Learn-Share is a cross university initiative for sharing good practice about teaching and learning, involving all four faculties, and is part of the Institute for Curriculum Enhancement (ICE).

A TeachMeet is an organised, informal meeting to share good practice, practical innovations and personal insights. It uses micro-presentations (7 mins), nano-presentations (2 mins) and wider group discussions.

Please contact Sarah Brearley, sarah.brearley@lancaster.ac.uk to register your intention to discuss an innovation or to run a TeachMeet in 2022.

“expand the opportunities and focus of discussions about teaching and learning

“enable colleagues to focus on pedagogical issues that have meaning to them”

“a forum to capture impact about teaching and learning excellence”