Teach-Learn-Share hosted its first focused teachmeet around the topic of assessment and feedback. The event was well attended by a range of academics, educational developers and learning technologists who actively engaged in thought provoking conversations around evaluative assessment and feedback strategies which engage learners.  Informal micro presentations included embedding employability skills in undergraduate modules, taking lessons from football to enable students to evaluate past performance in order to  “own the process” and plan for success.  Other presentations included assessing work based learning (balancing between propositional knowledge and occupational competence) and seeing the tutor as an equal party to the student.

Future focused teachmeets are planned for the academic year 2018-19 around the themes of e-learning confidence and expertise, transitional learning (teaching students how to learn), innovative teaching (meeting the unmet market) and innovations in pedagogy and technology.

If you have a pedagogical issue that is important to your department or group within FHM/LUMs we offer small grants to support you in developing a peer led teachmeet.