Structure of the Teach-Learn-Share

Teach-Learn-Share aims to enable engagement with scholarship, identify relevant issues, encourage the sharing of practice, genuinely engage stakeholders, capture outcomes, and facilitate dissemination.

A responsive feedback mechanism is needed to capture ideas.The TeachMeet Website will be a repository for ideas and resources (dissemination). Participants can volunteer for TeachMeets and identify pedagogical issues they see as important (future direction). Captures communication and outputs relating to activities (impact).

Symposia TeachMeet Open TeachMeet
Relevant pedagogical issues identified and explored through scholarship within the area and practical workshops. Organised, informal meeting to share good practice, practical innovations and personal insights. Micro-presentations (7 mins), nano-presentations (2 mins), round-table break-outs (15 mins) and ‘backchannel’ (online conversations using a #). Share good practice on any topic (and new issues). Responsive feedback mechanism allows ideas to be pitched by colleagues, identified throught the TeachMeets

These can lead to other cycles of Scholarship-TeachMeet,peer-organised TeachMeets (supported by Teach-Learn-Share) e.g. teaching practical demonstrations, reviving modules, reviewing programmes.