Jennifer Davies

Bridging the crop-soil-water phosphorus gap: Managing phosphorus for sustainable crop production and sustainable water

Growing up on the small family dairy farm in Cheshire, agriculture and its sustainability are something that I have always been passionate about. Resource protection and nutrient management within productive agricultural systems have since become the main focus for my research and career aspirations.

I completed my first degree at Lancaster University studying Environmental Biology but then went on to work as a R&D chemist for an industrial water-based coatings company. Following a decision to change my career in 2017, I returned to Lancaster University to complete my master’s degree in Environmental Management. This allowed me to reconnect with my farming roots and develop a deeper understanding of how profitable agricultural practices and conservation can work together for a more sustainable farming future.

As a qualified nutrient management adviser, I recognise the importance of quality advice to optimise crop production and enhance resource protection. After working with farmers and land managers as an agricultural consultant, I have been drawn back to research. I am currently working on the development of an integrated phosphorus modelling system that will inform crop nutrient recommendations to help make more efficient use of phosphorus fertilisers and minimise diffuse phosphorus pollution of watercourses.

Based at: Lancaster University

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