The Agronomy Group

The Waitrose Agronomy Group is a collaboration of suppliers, Waitrose and academia. It’s role in devising, discussing and driving the key research and agronomic issues of the supply base remain vital.

Who sits on the group?

There are 12 supplier members who are invited to attend. Selection is based on the level of personal expertise and the importance of the supplier to Waitrose. These people are usually Technical Directors. There is a balance of UK and overseas suppliers.Professor Bill Davies from Lancaster University is our key academic lead. Several other universities and research organisations have a strong link with the group and you can find details of these collaborations elsewhere on these pages. During the year we involve other suppliers who are appropriate to the subject matter being discussed by the group.

Jonathan Berry
Veryan Bliss
Niall Cameron
Justin Creasy
Produce World
Maria Duffy
Monaghan Mushrooms
Jim Flambert
Tony Harding
Worldwide Fruit
Ian Michell
Finlays Flowers
Ed Moorhouse
Tim Newton
George Reed
Keston Williams
Barfoots of Botley

What do we do?

  1. Manage the evolution, development and implementation of the produce based research strategy.
  2. Develop many agricultural policies along with the Waitrose Farm Assessment and its data management.
  3. Discuss Waitrose needs and how to address with science.

Why is this important?

Waitrose has a long-standing reputation for close collaborative work with its suppliers and growers. We have long believed that our food safety quality is made at the farm. With the impact of climate change and other related issues, food security is the single biggest issue facing us all. Part of our responsibility as a key retailer is to ensure that we help all parties to a mutually beneficial position in an increasingly changeable and unstable production scenario.

How do I find out more about the group?

All suppliers receive a newsletter after each meeting. The minutes are placed on the Waitrose Connect system. Do feel free to discuss with any member of the group issues you would like raised. Please also think about becoming a member. All general enquiries should be to Alan Wilson, Technical Manager Agronomy, Waitrose.