R&G Fresh Herbs

Established in 1958, the company is a third-generation family business that has been serving Waitrose for more than 40 years.

R& G grows and packs herbs at its Surrey base, in addition to also cultivating herbs at Millets Farm near Abingdon in Oxfordshire. In order to provide a year round supply of the best quality herbs, R&G also sources from Spain, Africa, Israel, Jordan and Cyprus. R&G has built up a strong relationship with its carefully selected suppliers both in the UK and overseas, some of whom have been working with the company for more than 40 years.

The top priority for R&G is to address global challenges of food production in a sustainable manner with respect to the environmental challenges of each region. For that reason the company operates an active research programme that includes assessing water use, biodiversity and soil management.

Over the past five years, R&G has collaborated with Dr Carol Wagstaff at Reading University on a number of undergraduate and postgraduate projects. These projects have addressed issues of vital importance to R&G’s research agenda, while also supporting the development of the next generation of young scientists.