February 14, 2018

Food security fellows

Lancaster University is to strengthen its international links with strategic partners in Argentina through a new fellowship programme

The university is to receive support through the new UUKi Rutherford Fund Strategic Partner Grant scheme, which is funded by the UK Department for Business Energy and international Strategy through the £118 million Rutherford Fund, which aims to attract global talent and strengthen the UK’s research base.

Lancaster is one of 17 UK universities to receive funding to build on their international relationships by hosting early career researchers from strategic partners.

The scheme will see six researchers specialising in food security issues from excess and scarcity of water in Argentina visit Lancaster on short-term fellowships lasting six months. The researchers are from the Argentine National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), and  the Argentine leading farmers association (AACREA), that focuses on the technological development of the agricultural sector.

Professor Mariana Rufino, the N8 Agri-Food Professor of agricultural systems at the Lancaster Environment Centre, led the project at Lancaster. She said: “This is an excellent opportunity for Lancaster University and the N8 Agri-Food programme to be at the frontline of agricultural innovation working with scientists from a very influential player in the global supply system.

“We believe that Small and Medium Enterprises of the north of England will benefit enormously from this partnership.”

Vivienne Stern, Director of Universities UK International, said: “The UUKi Rutherford Fund Strategic Partner Grant is a win-win – international early career researchers get to work with world-leading teams at UK universities and our researchers will benefit from the knowledge of their international colleagues.”

For fellowship application information please see the webpage. New deadline midnight (UK time) 16 March 2018.

Article source/image credit: Lancaster University