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News reaches subtext of Lancaster’s former Vice-Chancellor Paul Wellings, now VC at Wollongong in New South Wales. Prof Wellings’ enthusiasm for ‘collaborative provision’ has continued down under, it seems. The Age reported on April 11 that the Australian National Tertiary Education Union had ‘launched a legal bid to prevent the University of Wollongong’s deal with the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation going ahead, after it was fast-tracked by the Vice-Chancellor.’

The Ramsay Centre will reportedly fund ten academics to teach the three year BA in Western Civilisation, and award thirty students more than A$27,000 each per year towards their living expenses.

What did Wollongong’s senate make of this idea? Reportedly it wasn’t asked! The Age notes that Wellings ‘bypassed the university’s academic senate, which ordinarily approves new degrees, to fast-track approval of the Ramsay deal’. The fast-tracking procedure has never previously been used for an entirely new degree. The senate subsequently passed a resolution objecting to the move.

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News reaches subtext that our former VC Paul Wellings is continuing the friendly, inclusive style he pioneered at Lancaster, in his current role as VC for the University of Wollongong. UOW staff were striking this week over insecure work and unfair pay, in particular Wollongong’s use of casual and fixed-term contracts. Australia’s National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) has ‘accused University of Wollongong management of misleading and coercing staff ahead of a strike this week. […] A letter from management was posted on the UOW staff intranet on October 4 which directed employees to notify managers, via an industrial action participation form, of their intention to strike. Union branch president at UOW Associate Professor Georgine Clarsen said the letter was illegal.’ In response, UOW management has stressed its commitment to ‘supportive and flexible career pathways for staff.’

Where Lancaster leads, others follow, it seems. According to the NTEU, management at UOW were ‘seeking to bully intimidate and coerce staff not to participate in legally authorised and protected industrial action.’ The NTEU has asked for an apology from Prof Wellings, but doesn’t appear to have received one so far. You can’t teach an old VC new tricks, it seems.

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