Week 3: Talk by YAN Hengbin

    • Title: Computer Assisted Peer Assessment of EFL Pronunciation – a Preliminary Study
    • Date: Thursday 11th May, 3pm
    • Venue: County South C89

Week 10: Talk by LIN Jiexuan

    • Title: Phonetic convergence in nonnative speech and the role of individual differences
    • Date: Wednesday 28th June, 1pm
    • Venue: County South C89
    • Joint event with SLLAT Research Group



Please note that lab meetings in term 2 will be slightly less frequent than usual.

Week 3: Social event

      • Date: Wednesday 1st February, 1pm
      • Venue: Lunch at Cafe21, InfoLab

Week 6: Research meeting to discuss new project opportunity

      • Date: Tuesday 21st February, 2pm
      • Venue TBC (invite only)

Week 9: Talk by Hae-Sung Jeon (UCLAN) & Amalia Arvaniti (Kent)

      • Title: Effects of rhythm and phrasing on word spotting in Korean
      • Date: Wednesday 15th March, 1pm (followed by lunch at 2pm)
      • Venue: Bowland North SR11



All meetings take place on Tuesdays at 1-2pm in Bowland North Seminar Room 8 (except in weeks 7 & 9, see below for details).

Note that we will sometimes run meetings and reading group sessions during the weeks where there is no lab talk. Please join the mailing list for more information.

Week 1: Planning meeting

      • Date: Tuesday 11th October, 1pm
      • Venue: Bowland North SR8

Week 3: Talk by Claire Nance (Lancaster)

      • Title: Acquiring phonetics & phonology in Gaelic-medium primary schooling
      • Date: Tuesday 25th October, 1pm
      • Venue: Bowland North SR8

Week 5: Talk by Max Topps (Lancaster)

      • Title: Concentrated training of speech motor adaptation and generalisation
      • Date: Tuesday 8th November, 1pm
      • Venue: Bowland North SR8

Week 7: Talk by Ricky Chan (Lancaster)

      • Title: Tone coarticulation and implications for forensic speaker comparison
      • Date: Monday 21st November, 1200
      • Venue: C89, County South
      • Joint event with Forensic Linguistics Research Group

Week 9: Talk by Patrycja Strycharczuk (Manchester)

      • Title: Fuzzy contrasts in sound change: Evidence from articulation
      • Date: Tuesday 6th December, 4pm
      • Venue: County South C89

Week 10: Christmas party

    • Details TBC