In 2014-15 our events ran under the auspices of the Language Variation and Change Research Group, which are archived below.



Week 1: Thursday 9 October

  • Introductory meeting and social event. B89 County South, 4.30pm.

Week 2: Thursday 16 October

  • Claire Nance, Sam Kirkham & Eve Groarke (Lancaster): Intonational variation in Liverpool English. B89 County South, 4.30pm.

Week 3: Tuesday 21 October (please note different day/venue)

  • Daniel Ezra Johnson (Lancaster) & Jennifer Nycz (Georgetown): Partial mergers and near-distinctions: stylistic layering in dialect acquisition. C89 County South, 4.30pm.

Week 4: Thursday 30 October

  • LVC reading group: D’Arcy et al. 2013. B89 County South, 4.30pm.

Week 5: Tuesday 4 November (please note different day/venue)

  • Natalie Schilling (Georgetown): The Language and Communication in Washington, DC project: preliminary findings on ethnicity, gender and dialect change in African American English. Location TBC, 6pm. [co-organised with LAEL Society].

Week 6a: Tuesday 11 November [Linguistics Circle]

  • George Walkden (Manchester) The ‘whether’ forecast: English embedded questions then and now. SR23, Bowland North, 6pm [organised by Linguistics Circle].

Week 6b: Thursday 13 November

  • Claire Nance (Lancaster), Wilson McLeod (Edinburgh), Bernadette O’Rourke (Herriot-Watt) & Stuart Dunmore (Edinburgh): Variation in rhotics among new speakers of Scottish Gaelic in Glasgow and Edinburgh. B89 County South, 4.30pm.

Week 7: Thursday 20 November

  • LVC reading group: Gries 2013. B89 County South, 4.30pm.

Week 8: Thursday 27 November

  • Sam Kirkham (Lancaster) & Jessica Wormald (York): An ultrasound tongue imaging study of liquids in Bradford Panjabi-English. B89 County South, 4.30pm.

Week 9: Thursday 4 December

  • Avel·lí Flors (Universitat de Barcelona) Language choices and practices in the school transition in Catalonia and Valencia. B89 County South, 4.30pm.

Week 10: Thursday 11 December

  • An Van linden (University of Leuven): The development of modal-evaluative meanings in English verbo-nominal expressions and the role of negative polarity. B89 County South, 4.30pm.


Week 11: Thursday 15 January

  • Introductory meeting, B89 County South, 4.30pm.

Week 12: Thursday 22 January

  • Reading group: Montgomery, Chris (2012) The effect of proximity in perceptual dialectology. Journal of Sociolinguistics 16(5): 638-668. B89 County South, 4.30pm.

Week 13: Tuesday 27 January

  • Chris Montgomery (Sheffield): Perceptual dialectology in England, Scotland and Wales. SR23, Bowland North, 6pm [organised by Linguistics Circle].

Week 14: Thursday 5 February

  • [No meeting]

Week 15: Thursday 12 Februrary

  • [No meeting]

Week 16: Thursday 19 Februrary

  • Reading group: Levon, Erez (2014) Categories, stereotypes, and the linguistic perception of sexuality. Language in Society 43(5): 539-566. B89 County South, 4.30pm.

Week 17: Thursday 26 Feburary

  • Roy Alderton (Lancaster): ‘Really like how Scouse sounds on girls… but it doesn’t sound good on guys’: A folk-linguistic study of the effects of gender on attitudes to accents. B89 County South, 4.30pm.

Week 18: Thursday 5 March

  • Daniël Van Olmen (Lancaster): The ‘human’ impersonal pronoun in Afrikaans vs European West Germanic. B89 County South, 4.30pm.

Week 19: Tuesday 10th March [note different day/time]

  • Rob Drummond (Manchester Metropolitan): Linguistic research in a challenging environment: Youth language and identity in urban Britain. SR23, Bowland North, 6pm [organised by Linguistics Circle].

Week 19: Wednesday 11th March [note different day/time]

  • Paul Kerswill (York): Multicultural London English: blueprint for the future? Furness Lecture Theatre 1, 5pm [organised by LAEL Society].

Week 20: Thursday 19 March

  • End-of-term social event.


(Note that we only run occasional events in term 3)

Week 23: Wednesday 6th May

  • Danielle Turton (Newcastle) The interaction of /u/-fronting and /l/-darkening in Manchester. County Main Seminar Room 3, 3pm.