Recording facilities

  • IAC Acoustics sound booth
  • Dedicated computer set-up
  • DPA microphones, Grace preamplifiers, multichannel data acquisition
  • Cedrus response pads
  • MakerBot Replicator+ 3D printer

Articulatory hardware

  • Carstens AG501 16-channel electromagnetic articulograph
  • Ultrasonix SonixTouch high-speed ultrasound
  • Telemed MicrUS (SonoSpeech) high-speed portable ultrasound
  • Mindray DP-2200 video ultrasound
  • Articulate Instruments metal ultrasound headsets (x2)
  • Articulate Instruments plastic ultrasound headset
  • Articulate Instruments WinEPG electropalatograph
  • Laryngograph electroglottograph
  • Biopac aerodynamics system


  • Praat
  • R
  • PsychoPy
  • Emu
  • HLSyn
  • ELAN
  • LaTeX
  • EdgeTrak
  • Articulate Assistant Advanced (multiple copies)
  • Matlab (including Signal Processing Toolbox)
  • Custom scripts for R, Praat, PsychoPy, Matlab, etc.

Other Lancaster Linguistics Labs

  • Lancaster’s Linguistics Department is also home to a number of other labs, such as the Eye-Tracking Lab, Perception and Learning Lab, and Child Language Lab. They have facilities such as mobile and desktop eye-tracking, two electroencephalography (EEG) systems, and laboratory space for behavioural experiments.