In 2013-14 our events ran under the auspices of the Language Variation and Change Research Group, which are archived below.

Invited speaker series

  • 14/11/13: Claire Nance (Lancaster University) Social change and sound change in Scottish Gaelic [Time: 6pm. Location: Cavendish Colloquium Lecture Theatre. Organised by Linguistics Circle]
  • 11/12/13: Helen West (University of Chester): Language attitudes and divergence on the Merseyside/Lancashire border [Time: 5pm, Location: B89, County South]
  • 14/01/14: Eivind Torgersen (Sør-Trøndelag University College, Norway): A reanalysis of the Sivertsen Cockney Phonology recordings data: New insights into language contact in London [Time: 5.15pm, Location: B89, County South]
  • 15/01/14: Tamara Rakic (Lancaster University) The role of language and accents in social psychology [Time: 3.30pm; Location: Bowland North Seminar Room 21; joint event with SLLAT]
  • 05/03/14: Claire Nance (Lancaster University) Language contact at the articulatory level? A planned ultrasound study of advanced tongue root vowels [Time: 5pm; Location: Phonetics Lab]
  • 19/03/14: Maya Zara (Lancaster University) Perception of self and society: influences on style-shifting choices by British Asian adolescents [Time: 5pm; Location: Phonetics Lab — POSTPONED UNTIL NEXT TERM]
  • 26/03/14: Fernanda McDougall (University of Manchester) Effectiveness of social classification strategies in Barrow-in-Furness [Time: 5pm; Location: Phonetics Lab]

LVC reading group (weekly; all meetings take place at 5pm in the Phonetics Lab)

2013-14 Term 2

  • 15/01/14: [talk by Tamara Rakic – see above]
  • 22/01/14: [week off]
  • 29/01/14: LVC social event [5pm, Bowland Bar]
  • 05/02/14: Term 2/3 planning meeting [4pm, County South]
  • 12/02/14: Gerwin, Johanna (2013) Give it me! pronominal ditransitives in English dialects. English Language and Linguistics 17 (3): 445-463.
  • 19/02/14: Love, Jessica & Abby Walker (2013) Football versus football: Effect of topic on /r/ realization in American and English sports fans. Language and Speech 56(4): 443-460.
  • 26/02/14: Maitz, Péter & Attila Németh (2014) Language contact and morphosyntactic complexity: evidence from German. Journal of Germanic Linguistics 26(1): 1-29.
  • 05/03/14: [talk by Claire Nance – see above for info]
  • 12/03/14: [no meeting – SK giving talk at Newcastle]
  • 19/03/14: Fuchs, Susanne & Martine Toda (2010) Do differences in male versus female /s/ reflect  biological or sociophonetic factors? In: Susanne Fuchs, Martine Toda & Marzena Zygis (eds) Turbulent Sounds: An Interdisciplinary Guide. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, pp. 281-302.
  • 26/03/14: [talk by Fernanda McDougall – see above for info]

2013-14 Term 1

  • 16/10/13: Haddican, Bill, Paul Foulkes, Vincent Hughes & Hazel Richards (2013) Interaction of social and linguistic constraints on two vowel changes in northern England. Language Variation and Change 25(3): 371-403.
  • 23/10/13: Labov, William (2007) Transmission and diffusion. Language 83(2): 344-387.
  • 30/10/13: Stuart-Smith, Jane, Gwilym Pryce, Claire Timmins & Barrie Gunter (2013) Television can also be a factor in language change. Language 89(3): 501-536.
  • 04/11/13: Mesthrie, Rajend (2012) Ethnicity, substrate and place: The dynamics of Coloured and Indian English in five South African cities in relation to the variable (t). Language Variation and Change 24(3): 371-395.
  • 06/11/13: [meeting rescheduled to 04/11 due to Ultrafest VI conference]
  • 13/11/13: van der Auwera, Johan (2010) Prohibition: constructions and markers. In: Dingfang Shu & Ken Turner (eds) Contrasting Meaning in Languages of the East and West. Tübingen: Narr, pp. 443-475.
  • 18/11/13: Stanford, James N. & Yanhong Pan (2013) The sociolinguistic of exogamy: dialect acquisition in a Zhuang village. Journal of Sociolinguistics 17(5): 573-607.
  • 20/11/13: [meeting rescheduled to 18/11 due to some people being away]
  • 27/11/13: Beal, Joan C. (2009) “You’re not from New York City, you’re from Rotherham”: dialect and identity in British indie music. Journal of English Linguistics 37(3): 223-240.
  • 04/12/13: [no meeting]
  • 11/12/13: [talk by Helen West – see above for info]