LTRG is open to staff members, visiting researchers, PhD and MA students. Staff and students working away from campus can attend the seminars on-line. Please contact Tineke Brunfaut ( or Luke Harding ( for details.

LTRG usually meets on Thursdays, from 15:00 to 16:30, in the County South building, room C89 (unless otherwise indicated).

Term 3

Date Time Room Presenter Topic
26 Apr 15:00-16:30 County South C89 Salomé Villa Larenas Feedback on the Language Assessment Literacy Inventory for Teacher Educators
11 May 15:00-16:30 County South C89 Hengbin (Victor) Yan Computer-assisted peer review of EFL pronunciation – a preliminary study
25 May 15:00-16:30 County South C89 Luke Harding, Tineke Brunfaut & Johnny Unger [joint talk with LiP group] Enhancing security, preventing mobility? An analysis of the UK Secure English Language Testing policy
8 Jun 15:00-16:30 County South C89 Shungo Suzuki Examining the developmental patterns of L2 speaking in terms of complexity, accuracy, and fluency: The case of EFL learners
26 June 15:30-16:30 Bowland North SR 26 (1) Boon Sier Jeanette Lim


(2) Olena Rossi

(1) ESL teachers’ and students’ perception and use of formative and summative assessment in an examination-oriented context

(2) Assessment literacy for test writers: what do people who write language tests need to know about testing?

29 June 14:00-15:00 County South C89 Pucheng Wang Investigating test-takers’ cognitive processes while completing integrated writing tasks: Evidence from eye-tracking and stimulated recall

Term 2

Date Time Room Presenter Topic
12 Jan 15:00-16:30 County South C89 Doris Froetscher An investigation into the washback of a standardized national exam on the classroom testing of reading (mock viva)
19 Jan 16:00-17:00 County South C89 Tineke Brunfaut ILTA bibliography compilation

[Please bring your own laptop]

2 Feb 15:00-16:30 County South C89 Salomé Villa Larenas Developing a language assessment literacy inventory
9 Feb 15:00-16:30 County South C89 Mary-Jane Abrahams (Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile) Curriculum design/reform in a Chilean university (joint talk with SLLAT)
16 Feb 15:00-16:30 County South C89 Ying Xu (Danny) A review of the Computer-Based English Listening and Speaking Test (CELST)
23 Feb 15:00-16:30 County South C89 Carole Sedgwick (University of Roehampton) How ‘general’ can a language test be? A critical study of the IELTS requirement for the registration of non-UK trained nurses
2 March 15:00-16:30 County South C89 Franz Holzknecht Listening once or twice: A pilot study
9 March 15:00-16:30 County South C89 Hiroko Usami The CEFR in Japan
16 March 15:00-16:30 County South C89 Anuchit Toomaneejinda ELF disagreement in academic group discussion: A work-in-progress
23 March 15:00-16:30 Bowland North SR26 Olena Rossi Moderation of item writing tasks

Term 1

Date Time Room Presenter Topic
22 Sept 15:00-16:30 County South C89 Maria Sikolova (University of Defence, Czech Republic) Language teaching and testing in the Czech military: main goals and challenges
6 Oct 15:00-16:30 County South C89 Aek Phakiti (The University of Sydney) Test-takers’ appraisal calibration and strategy use in IELTS listening tasks
12 Oct (Wednesday!) 15:00-16:30 County South B89 Andrea Kulmhofer & Isabel Hopf (BIFIE, Austria) Assessing English as a foreign language in Austria
19 Oct (Wednesday!)  15:00-16:30 County South B89 Kamran Khan (University of Leicester) [joint talk with the LiP group] (In)security and languages in the UK
27 Oct 15:00-16:30 County South C89 Olena Rossi Developing an online item writer training course
3 Nov 13:00-17:00 Bowland North SR27 All LTRG members Writing retreat
10 Nov 10:00-11:30 County South B89 Aaron Batty Examinee interactions with video in foreign language listening comprehension tests (mock viva)
17 Nov 15:00-16:30 County South C89 various; LTF dry-runs Informing EAP listening assessment: Students’ processing and strategy needs during lecture listening (Sahar Alkhelaiwi & Tineke Brunfaut)

Exploring assessment literacy of Chinese EAP teachers preparing students for UK study (Olena Rossi)

24 Nov 13:00-14:30 County South C89 Harry Kollias Virtual standard setting in language testing: Exploring the feasibility and appropriateness of setting cut scores in synchronous audio and audio-visual environments (mock viva)
30 Nov (Wednesday!) 16:00-17:30 County South C89 Sahar Alkhelaiwi Cognitive processes, sub-skills and strategies in academic lecture listening at a Saudi Arabian university: A needs analysis study (mock viva)
8 Dec 15:00-16:30 County South C89 Tineke Brunfaut Interpreting the Bangladesh higher secondary school learning outcomes through a CEFR lens
14 Dec (Wednesday!) 12:00-13:30 FASS D023(MR7) various MA in Language Testing dissertation talks:

  • Margherita Pelleriti: The validation of listening tasks in the  Certificate of English for Primary Teachers
  • Thomas Koidl: Testing spoken interaction
  • Andrea Howard: Investigating evidence of change in English language proficiency in L2 pilots
  • Julia Zabala Delgado: Scoring validity of writing tests: focussing on rater training