Student Name Research Topic
William Agius Aviation English testing
John Bandman Effects of task repetition and feedback on written performances on integrated listening-to-write tasks
Kim Anne Barchi Computer-based integrated multimodal tasks
Hsiao-yun Chan Investigating the assessment of digital literacies in a Singapore secondary school
Mi-Jin Chung Assessing second language pragmatic competence in intercultural workplace settings
Natalya Davidson Multiple-text comprehension in integrated reading-to-speak test-tasks
Geisa Davila Perez Investigating the use of accommodation strategies in the conversation task of the Graded Examinations in Spoken English
Philip Horne Cross-cultural implications of assessing pragmatic competence in computer-based speaking tests
Myriam Iliovits Language use in an English-Medium Instruction university in Lebanon: Implications for the validity of international and local English tests for admissions
Santi Lestari Rating scales for the integrated testing of reading-into-writing
Keith Menary Language assessment literacy and the impact of learning-oriented assessment in language classrooms
Jennifer Morris An ethnographic inquiry into the individual Turkish worker: Fortifying design arguments for specific purpose language assessments
Camilo Ramos Galvez Diagnosing academic reading on an English as a Foreign Language teacher education degree programme
Jiayue Yin Competition, War or Journey? Research on Metaphors about the Gaokao System in China on WeChat