Current PhD Students’ Research

Student Name Research Topic
William Agius Aviation English testing
Bahar Aksu Accent recognition in second language development
John Bandman Effects of delayed time intervals on written performances on integrated listening-to-write tasks
Neil Bullock
Hsiao-yun Chan Investigating the assessment of digital literacies in a Singapore secondary school
Geisa Davila Perez
Kathrin Eberharter The process of assessing spoken language performance: An investigation into rater decision-making
Franz Holzknecht The cognitive validity of repeating the input in listening assessment
Philip Horn Cross-cultural implications of assessing pragmatic competence in computer-based speaking tests
Myriam Iliovits The use of international proficiency tests for admissions at an EMI institution
Glyn Jones The CEFR revisited: a replication study
Santi Lestari Rating scales for the integrated testing of reading-into-writing
Boon Sier (Jeanette) Lim ESL teachers’ and students’ perceptions and use of formative and summative assessment in an examination-oriented context
Keith Menary Language assessment literacy and the impact of learning-oriented assessment in language classrooms
Camilo Ignacio Ramos Galvez Diagnostic assessment of reading in a second language
Olena Rossi The effectiveness of item writer training in improving the quality of item writing
Noor Asbahan Binti Shahizan A validation study of the group oral task of a Malaysian university entrance test
Rebecca Sickinger Using comparative judgement to evaluate writing performances on a national ESL exam in Austria
Salomé Villa Larenas Language assessment literacy of teacher trainers in Chile