Staff and research students with an interest in language testing research or practical language testing issues are welcome to attend and are also encouraged to present.

LTRG members include a number of staff members and a changing group of students and visitors. LTRG is open to staff members, visiting researchers, PhD and MA students.

Staff Members

Associate Members

PhD Student Members (2018/19)

  • Charles Alderson
  • Dianne Wall
  • Aaron Batty
  • Tobias Haug
  • Bimali Indrarathne
  • Benjamin Kremmel
  • Gareth McCray
  • Anchana Rukthong
  • Doris Froetscher
  • Sahar Alkhelaiwi
  • Ying Xu
  • Peter Rossi
  • William Agius
  • Bahar Aksu
  • John Bandman
  • Hsiao-yun Chan
  • Kathrin Eberharter
  • Franz Holzknecht
  • Myriam Iliovits
  • Glyn Jones
  • Santi Lestari
  • Boon Sier (Jeanette) Lim
  • Michael Ratajczak
  • Laura Stiefenhöfer
  • Olena Rossi
  • Noor Asbahan Binti Shahizan
  • Rebecca Sickinger
  • Anuchit (Jack) Toomaneejinda
  • Salomé Villa Larenas
  • Pucheng Wang
  • Attila Wind