Group photo of LTRG members 2014Staff and research students with an interest in language testing research or practical language testing issues are welcome to attend and are also encouraged to present.

LTRG members include a number of staff members and a changing group of students and visitors. LTRG is open to staff members, visiting researchers, PhD and MA students.


Staff Members Associate Members PhD Student Members (2019/20)
  • William Agius
  • Bahar Aksu
  • John Bandman
  • Hsiao-yun Chan
  • Geisa, Davila Perez
  • Kathrin Eberharter
  • Franz Holzknecht
  • Philip Horne
  • Myriam Iliovits
  • Glyn Jones
  • Santi Lestari
  • Boon Sier (Jeanette) Lim
  • Keith Menary
  • Michael Ratajczak
  • Laura Stiefenhöfer
  • Camilo Ignacio Ramos Galvez
  • Olena Rossi
  • Noor Asbahan Binti Shahizan
  • Rebecca Sickinger
  • Salomé Villa Larenas