Event 6: July 2011

Event 6

14-15 July 2011

Day 1: Science and Gender: New Perspectives (University of Leicester)

Workshop sessions on ‘Gender and Evolution’ and ‘Female Surgeons, Males Nurses’ will explore how issues of gender are integral to the study of science and medicine, and facilitate critical engagement with recent historiography in this area. Discussion will include an opportunity to evaluate the discipline of medical humanities and to explore the role of nineteenth-century culture in the formation of Darwin’s still-controversial theory of sexual selection.

Day 2: Constructing a Science of Society (Keele University)

We will look at the issues and skills involved in a major project that catalogues and digitizes materials, and discuss how the Foundations of Sociology (Le Play) Archive links to late nineteenth-century evolution and environmentalism.

The teaching team was David Amigoni (Keele), Claire Brock (Leicester), Michael Brown (Roehampton), Gowan Dawson (Leicester), Holly Furneaux (Leicester), Gordon Fyfe (Keele), Chris Renwick (York), and Alannah Tomkins (Keele).

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